"Montagengineering" JSC, Bulgaria has over 60- years of professional experience in the field of installation and construction works, a leader in the area of erection of industrial equipment and installations. The company is a Bulgarian fabricator and contractor specialized in the following divisions:

  • fabrication and erection of structural steel for halls and buildings, including installation of roof and facade panels;
  • indstrial steel structures – fabrication and installation of steel structures for industrial purposes;
  • fabrication and installation of steel tanks and silos;
  • industrial mechanical erection works – installation of technological equipment and installations;
  • installation of carbon steel and stainless steel pipelines;
  • erection of electrical installations and electrical installation works;
  • erection of industrial heating and gas installations.

Steel Buildings

Fabrication and erection of structural steel for halls, production workshops and buildings, steel warehouses, logistics complexes; design and construction of steel buildings,  installation of roof and facade panels and claddings, erection of installations  - electrical and fire-fighting installations.

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Structural steel

Fabrication and erection of structural steel and plateworks for industrial plants, warehouses, infrastructure and civil construction projects. Manufacturing of platework for tanks and silos, flue gas ducts, air ducts, chutes, hoppers, steel panels, fenders, non-standard equipment.

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Tanks and silos

Tanks ans silos

Fabrication and erection of steel tanks for petrolium and chemical products, oils, foods and beverages industry products, tanks for waste water treatment plants; stainless steel tanks and silos. Manufacturing and erection of steel silos in the glass and cement industries, foods and beverages sector.

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