Automatic CNC drilling machine

The machine is manufactured and put in operation in 2017 for fabrication of bolted structural steel. The line allows automatic drilling, marking and scribing of steel plates and profiles within a tolerance of 0.1 mm at ver high speed of work. The availability of automatic instrument change and selection from a magazin with 6 different instruments provides the guarantee for high level of productivity and quick execution of various fabrication programs. Fabrication precision achieved eliminates the chance for any mistakes during the manufacturing stage, which results to further effortless and quick erection on site.

Technical data:

Profile dimension: from 50 mm. to 1200 mm.

Drilling unit: 1 pcs.

Instuments magazine: Automatic change of instruments from a magazine of 6 different tools.

Max. hole diameter: 40 mm.

Drilling head engine power: 19 kW.

Rounds of drilling head: to 4000 rpm.