Structural steelwork

Fabrication of steelwork structures for industrial and infrastructure projects, erection of:

  • production facilities;
  • reconstructions of industrial plants;
  • support steelwork structures for heavy equipment;
  • pipe racks;

plate works fabrication, flue gas ducts, hoppers, vessels and non-standard equipment.
Unlike most companies in Bulgaria, „Montagengineering“ JSC manufactures structural structural steelwork and plate works for industrial purposes.

The company is largely experienced in the industry sector and very well equipped for this purpose. This makes our company a preferred contractor of complete projects, as well as of projects which include fabrication and installation of standardized steelwork structures and non-standard equipment, installations and vessels, which are typical for particular industries.

Industrial steel structures distinguish significantly from the standard ones which are designed for steel halls, storage houses and other buildings with the following key features:

  • They are subject of heavy loads;
  • High extent of complexity and exactness in fabrication;
  • Lack of repeated elements during the production;
  • Use of approved welding procedures, as well as certified welders;
  • Requirements for testing of the welded joints – destructive and non-destructive test;
  • Specific requirements for the anti-corrosion protection – approved procedures for surface preparation, application of the systems and further inspection, as well as specifics in the types of anti-corrosion protection depending of the environment the steelwork structures is exposed to;

Difficult installation due to great heights and limited access.
„Montagengineering“ JSC has the professional experience as well as own transportation, lifting and installation mechanization for structural steelwork installation with industrial purposes. The company installation groups of workers are well equipped with the necessary protective devices to carry out installation of steelwork structures at great heights in different industrial sectors.

"Montagengineering" JSC is specialized also in fabrication and erection of plate works. Plate steelwork structures are widely used in the fabrication and erection of:

  • steel tanks, vessels, silos with different storage capacity;
  • flue gas ducts and air-ducts;
  • hoppers and chutes;
  • steel fenders and protective equipment;
  • fabrication of technological and non-standard equipment.

Depending on the overall dimensions of the products, production facilities of „Montagengineering“ JSC allows fabrication of completely finished products in factory conditions as well as prefabrication of parts and further erection of the vessels and equipment at the company projects sites.

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