Mechanical installation

"Evricom" EOOD

Subject: Industrial equipment installation

Implementation period: 2013

Scope: Delivery, installation and commissioning of industrial equipment - mixing block, production line for cutting wax mixtures, stainless and carbon steel pipelines.

"Panchim" EOOD

Subject: Mechanical equipment installation and industrial pipelines.

Implementation period: 2013

Scope: Expansion of granules production for polymethylmethacrylate, including fabrication and erection of steel structures, installation of mechanical equipment and pipelines, equipment for waste water treatment plant.

"Agria" AD

Subject: Equipment installation

Implementation period: 2012

Scope: Delivery, installation and commissioning of service pumps.

"Neochim" AD

Subject: Installation of industrial equipment

Implementation period: 2012

Scope: Energy efficiency improvement and emission reduction of СО2 of installation АМ-76, installation of steam heater, separator installation.

"Rubin" AD

Subject: Installation of mechanical equipment.

Implementation period: 2010

Scope: Installation of tunnel kiln for glass plant.

"Ooms International", Bulgaria

Subject: Installation and equipment completion of mechanical installation.

Implementation period: 2010

Scope: Erection of mobile installation for production and modified bitumen, fabrication of steel structure for tank frame, complete equipment completion and assembly of installation and transport preparation.

"Mondi Stambolijski" EAD

Subject: Dismantle and erection of mechanical equipment, reparation of transport equipment.

Implementation period: 2010

Scope: Displacement of grinder "Norman" at new position, reparation of existing conveyors for biomass.

"Emka" AD

Subject: Dismantle and erection of steel structures and mechanical equipment.

Implementation period: 2010-2011

Scope: Dismantle of enamel machine and steel structures around it, fabrication and erection of service platforms around equipment, installation of enamel machine.

"Geometal" EOOD

Subject: Belt conveyor installation

Implementation period: 2008

Scope: Belt conveyor installation PS 1600 mm. with length 560 m. for mining complex "Elatsite Med".

"SBS Buhnentehnik" GmbH

Subject: Installation of mechanical equipment

Implementation period: 2008

Scope: Installation of mechanical equipment of down stage mechanization, revision, preventive maintenance and installation of existing equipment, fabrication and erection of steel structures.

"Kamenitza" AD

Subject: Erection of fridge installation.

Implementation period: 2008

Scope: Erection of fridge installation including fridge compressor, ammonia evaporator, evaporative condenser, etc.

"Ceramics House" EOOD

Subject: Dismantle of industrial equipment from Germany and installation of the same in Bulgaria

Implementation period: 2006-2007

Scope: Dismantle of production lines for ceramic products from Germany, second installation in Bulgaria at the territory of the plant for ceramic products Straldja city.

"Energoremont Holding" AD

Subject: Erection of industrial installation and equipment

Implementation period: 2005

Scope: Construction of Condense- cleaning installation ( CCI ) of blocks №1 and №2 in TPP "Maritza East 2".

"Sandvik Bulgaria" EOOD


Subject: Construction of system for coal and limestone transporting and handling, installation of excavators and loading - unloading equipment.

Implementation period: 2009 - 2010

Scope: Installation of equipment for belt conveyors, complete installation of steel structures and equipment for transfer towers and excavators in mining industry.

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"Ognyanovo-K" AD


Subject: Production and installation of second limestone kiln.

Implementation period: 2011

Scope: Fabrication and erection of nonstandard equipment - limestone kiln and its attached equipment, hoppers, silos, valves, filters, pipelines.

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"New Oil" AD


Subject: Complete construction of raw oil production plant - Kostinbrod city.

Implementation period: 2014-2015

Scope: Installation of industrial equipment - elevators, screws, redlers, hoppers and inflows, separators, stubble cleaner, sunflower press, precipitants and filters for raw oil, pumps, etc.

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