Object: "Kamenitza" AD

Implementation period: 2014

Scope: Delivery and erection of pipelines from carbon and stainless steel, installation of fittings and fixtures.

Object: "CBMI Construction Co. Ltd - branch Bulgaria"

Implementation period: 2014

Scope: Installation of technological pipelines, fittings and fixture in processing rain water station for project "New production line of Devnya Cement".

Object: "Linde Gas Bulgaria" EOOD

Implementation period: 2013

Scope: Delivery, fabrication and installation of technological pipelines from carbon steel, stainless steel pipelines, pumps, fittings and fixture for production installation for gaseous oxygen at the territory of "KCM" AD.

Object: "Fraport Twin Star Airport Management" EAD

Implementation period: 2012

Scope: Delivery and installation of technological pipelines for reconstruction of storage for fuel-lubricant material (GLM), delivery and installation of measuring appliances.

Обект: "Марица Олио" АД

Период на изпълнение: 2012

Обхват: Изграждане и монтаж на дренчерна пожарогасителна инсталация за цехове "Пресов" и "Екстракция" на завод за производство на растителни масла "Марица Олио" АД, с. Ясен, община Плевен


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Object: "Ognyanovo-K" AD

Implementation period: 2011

Scope: Preliminary fabrication and installation of all pipelines and fixture, necessary for installed technological equipment assembling, installation of pipelines for fuel (petrocoke), pipelines type "lancet", hydraulic installations.