About us

Who are we?

We are "Montazhinzhenering" AD, known back in the years as "Industrial Installation Management" - PMU, Stara Zagora. We have been a joint stock company since 1991, and today we are a completely private company managed by an experienced and ambitious management team, which inherited and preserved the professionalism of its predecessor.


What are we doing?

Fifteen years ago, we would have answered that we build industrial installations and facilities, install heavy industrial equipment, that our customers are chemical, processing, metallurgical and other industrial enterprises.

In the last 10 years we have transformed the production and assembly base built in 1985 into a plant for the production of metal structures, equipped with modern high-performance equipment.

Therefore, today we would say that we are a leading manufacturer of metal structures for metal halls and buildings for any business that needs production, storage or retail space; we manufacture and install steelwork structures for industrial use and infrastructure projects; we manufacture and install place steelwork structures such as silos, tanks, air ducts, as well as non-standard equipment. And for all this to work, our teams will build the necessary Electrical installation works.