Mechanical installation works

Installation of technological equipment for a biofuel grinding system

Object: "Ognyanovo-K", Lime Plant "Puklina"
Period: 2023 - 2024
Scope: Installation of industrial structures and process equipment for a plant for grinding and separating biomass, as an alternative fuel for lime kilns.

Installation of technological equipment and aspiration pipes

Object: "Knauf Bulgaria"
Period: 2023
Scope: Manufacture of auxiliary steel structures, installation of augers and equipment, installation of filter system and suction pipes, installation of mineral wool insulation.

Construction of a new lime kiln

Subject: Construction of a new lime kiln

Period: 2020

Scope: Fabrication and installation of a new lime kiln weighing 170 tons, installation of mechanical installation worksand steel pipelines.

Dismantling, relocation and installation of wood crushing installation

Project site: „Kronospan Bulgaria” EOOD
Year of completion: 2017
Scope of works: Overall dismantling, transportation and reinstallation of the wood crushing installation and conveyors.

Erection of sunflower oil refinery

Subject: Overall erection of sunflower oil refinery – structural steelwork, steel pipelines, equipment
Year of completion: 2016 - 2017
Scope of works: Overall erection of sunflower oil refinery which includes: installation of steelwork, technological carbon steel pipelines, stainless steel pipelines, Mechanical installation and overall electrical installation works.

Overall erection of electrolyte secondary washing installation

Project site: „Aurubis Bulgaria” AD
Year of completion: 2016
Scope of works: Mounting of industrial steel structure, mounting of mechanical installation works and tanks, delivery and installation of technological steel pipelines, mounting of insulation and cladding on the different type of equipment.

Installation of stainless steel pipelines and equipment for a new spirit production plant

Project site: "Zaharni Zavodi“АD
Year of completion: 2016
Scope of works: Delivery and installation of stainless steel pipelines, mechanical installation, certification of stainless steel vessels.

Complete construction of raw oil production plant - Kostinbrod city

Object: "New Oil" AD

Implementation period: 2014-2015

Scope: Structural steelwork - elevators, screws, redlers, hoppers and inflows, separators, stubble cleaner, sunflower press, precipitants and filters for raw oil, pumps, etc.

Production of bag filters

Оbject: "New Energy Systems" EOOD

Implementation period: 2014-2015

Scope: Fabrication of housing and separate elements for bag filter for installation for technical carbon processing.

Structural steelwork

Object: "CBMI Construction Co. Ltd - branch Bulgaria"

Implementation period: 2014

Scope: Installation of structural steelwork , belt conveyors, bag filters, mills, crushers for project "New production line of Devnya Cement".

Structural steelwork

Object: "Linde Gas Bulgaria" EOOD

Implementation period: 2013

Scope: Structural steelwork installation and vessels for gaseous oxygen production installation at the territory of "KCM" AD.

Structural steelwork

Object: "Evricom" EOOD

Implementation period: 2013

Scope: Delivery, installation and commissioning of Structural steelwork - mixing block, production line for cutting wax mixtures, stainless and carbon steel pipelines.

Fabrication of sheet and profile structural steelwork for electrostatic precipitators

Object: "FLSmidth Airtech" A / S

Implementation period: 2013

Scope: Production of sheet and profile metal structures for gas ducts, compensators, gas duct supports for electrostatic precipitators.


Mechanical equipment installation and industrial steel pipelines

Object: "Panchim" EOOD

Implementation period: 2013

Scope: Expansion of granules production for polymethylmethacrylate, including fabrication and erection of steel structures, installation of mechanical equipment and steel pipelines, equipment for waste water treatment plant.

Production and installation of electrostatic precipitator

Оbject: "KCM Technology" EOOD

Implementation period: 2012

Scope: Production and installation of new electrostatic precipitator for the needs of "KCM" AD, according to project of "FL Smidth" - Denmark.

Overall installation of technological equipment and steel pipelines

Project site: „Maritza Olio“ АD
Year of completion: 2012
Scope of works: Implementation of complex installation of mechanical installation works, carbon (black)  steel pipelines, stainless steel pipelines, fire-extinguishing installation, hexane storage tanks, Electrical installation works.

Equipment installation

Object: "Agria" AD

Implementation period: 2012

Scope: Delivery, installation and commissioning of service pumps.

Structural steelwork

Object: "Neochim" AD

Implementation period: 2012

Scope: Energy efficiency improvement and emission reduction of СО2 of installation АМ-76, installation of steam heater, separator installation.

Design, fabrication and erection of mechanical equipment

Object: "Duropack Trakia Papir" AD

Implementation period: 2011

Scope: Design, fabrication, delivery and erection of waste transportation installation.

Production and installation of second limestone kiln

Object: "Ognyanovo-K" AD

Implementation period: 2011

Scope: Fabrication and erection of nonstandard equipment - limestone kiln and its attached equipment, hoppers, silos, valves, filters, steel pipelines.

Construction of installation for calcification of natural gypsum

Object: "Gips" AD

Implementation period: 2011

Scope: Structural steelwork - screws, redlers, elevators, specialized equipment, hoppers, silos and inflows.

Dismantle and erection of steel structures and mechanical equipment

Object: "Emka" AD

Implementation period: 2010-2011

Scope: Dismantle of enamel machine and steel structures around it, fabrication and erection of service platforms around equipment, installation of enamel machine.

Dismantle and erection of mechanical equipment, reparation of transport equipment

Object: "Mondi Stambolijski" EAD

Implementation period: 2010

Scope: Displacement of grinder "Norman" at new position, reparation of existing conveyors for biomass.

Installation of mechanical equipment

Object: "Rubin" AD

Implementation period: 2010

Scope: Installation of tunnel kiln for glass plant.