1946 – Establishment of the company as an unit to a specialized state economic union in the field of all kinds of installations at civil and industrial construction project.

1972 – Through other ministries and economic organizations, as a state unit, the company started performing projects out of the borders of Bulgaria.

– The company was registered in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and obtains the full rights to perform individual activity abroad as an international company.

1991 – After the privatization processes in the country and because of a change in the Bulgarian legislation, the state unit is transformed into a private-owned joint stock company, which entirely kept its activity and established a modern and flexible management structure.

2003 – “Montagengineering” JSC was one of the first in the industrial construction and erection branch, which gained a quality management certificate.

Now “Montagengineering” JSC is a contemporary market-oriented company, known for its flexibility and professionalism.